We are a self-demanding family team, with professional friends, and years of working together for common goals. We have recently incorporated a new Van Hove export import company in Bogota (Colombia), and we are well in various markets contacted by local brokers, which gives us a very interesting potential business projection.

Van Hove International is linked with Van Hove Argentina and Van Hove Colombia SAS, but companies are independent.

If You are a potential buyer o an Distributor in Florida. US, and you are interested with coffe from COLOMBIA, just contact us.

We are a service provider company: we know our providers, we know how to import-export, we know all the products that we offer, we know about organic, fairtrade, and kosher certifications and the quality that implies. We seek to combine good prices and good quality products, and we control the logistics of our business. Anyone interested in our services or products, anywhere around the world, will be received in the same way. We speak three languages: English, Spanish and French (Portuguese coming soon).




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