VAN HOVE INTERNATIONAL, LLC, headquartered in Miami, Florida USA, is linked through their owners to Van Hove Argentina, based in Buenos Aires and Van Hove Colombia SAS based in Bogotá. Its commercial aims, among others, are to generate business among producers in Food and Drinks with Florida Market Customers and any other market in the World,  regarding natural foods and beverages category, preferably  with organic-bio certified products


Our objective is to obtain good business with the Producer, the Buyer and us. Is our job. We focus on natural/bio products and we promote products made in Colombia or Argentina for the US market.

But, if You are a Producer any where in the world speak with us, perhaps we can contact You with Buyers preferably Florida, US or, why not, in Colombia or Argentina.

If You are potential Buyer for any kind of organic/natural food products or beverages, for example Coffes from Colombia, do not hesitate to contact us, perhaps we will Have the option that You need.









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